Out little Lucy Jane has been here for three months - THREE! We're so happy to finally have her here. It was a long pregnancy - and I'm definitely not missing the days of losing my lunch. ;) In fact, I can hardly remember those long 9 months, isn't that the best part about giving birth? You forget (almost) all of it as soon as you see their sweet little face. We love our little Lou and can't imagine life without her! And now, for a plethora of baby photos. (You've been warned!) 

first bath at home - she LOVED it. 

What our first few days (actually, weeks!) looked like. Hanging out in mommy's bed. 

Newly minted big sister! 

Tiny little Lou. I miss those first few weeks of sleepless nights and newborn snuggles. 

The only time she's ever in her crib - for photos! ha. Otherwise, she's right in our room with us. 

Those eyes! (And those first few weeks, she was a little cross eyed haha) 

September 20, the day she first started giving big smiles! On her sister's birthday! 

Our next door neighbors - all our girls are the same ages! 

bathtime with Grandma New York! She flew all the way to Utah to come see Miss Lucy Lou. 

Big stretches on her blessing day - September 24. 

First bath! Look how tiny she was! 

Two seconds later, Addie was climbing off the couch. Also, we have 2:30 church and we still are late. Ah. Can we blame it on 3 kids? 

Great grandma Cindy came for a visit! 

With sweet little Havyn - they're already destined to become best friends. 

Adoring big sisters :)

Baby + baseball. Just get this guy a Coke Zero and he's set!  

Tiny little baby girl.  


Ellie ADORES Lucy. Maybe almost too much... :) 


So much love. :)