We just returned from a weekend in New York City! Brian had to fly out for a few work meetings and I was lucky enough to tag along - and with no kids! We definitely missed our girls, but they were being well taken care of and spoiled at Mema's and Papa's. :) We covered a lot more ground than the last time we went to the city, since we had no strollers to carry up and down the subway stairs, ha! :) It was a lot of fun to be there in the spring and we enjoyed some great weather, too. Here's 10 of our favorite things in NYC: 

What to See

Central Park...on BIKES!
We've been to Central Park several times and we both agreed that this was our very favorite way to see it! We rented Citi Bikes - they were $12 for a day pass and have locations all over the city. You do have to "check-in" every 30 minutes so you don't get charged more. It's kind of a pain, but that allowed us to bike from the south end, check in, take a few photos at the spots we wanted to see, then jump back on to see the north end.

The Highline in Chelsea
We had never been to the Highline before and it did not disappoint! It was a beautiful walk with a gorgeous view of the city and along the way in the sunny spots, they had awesome chairs to lay in and soak up some of that sunshine! I definelty want to go back when all the trees have leaves on them - it would make for some amazing photos! etsy

Brooklyn Bridge
It was a windy but absolutely STUNNING walk! I love the Brooklyn Bridge (the detail! ah!) and the view is one in a million! There's also some great places to eat on the Brooklyn side (see below!)

I've always wanted to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and this trip we sneaked it into our schedule. I'm so glad we did! Both Brian and I agreed we could have spent a lot longer there - we were there for 2 or 3 hours and didn't even cover much ground. My favorite part was seeing paintings from some of my favorites - Mattise! Picasso! Monet! And Brian's favorite was the Egyptian section - so many cool tombs and mummies and temples! (Right outside the MET we found $1 water bottles - cheapest we've seen in the city!)

Citi Field
We went to TWO Mets games while we were in NY for the weekend and it was so much fun! Brian is a much bigger baseball fan than I am, but I still had an absolute blast! We found reasonably priced tickets both nights (but be prepared to pay $7 for a hot dog!)

Greenwich Village 

One afternoon we wandered around Greenwich Village for a little while and it was absolutely adorable! We grabbed a few treats from Magnolia (see below!) and ate them at a cute little park. We window shopped (talk about adorable shop fronts!) and I think I could have stayed there all day! Definitely worth checking out!

What to Eat

Our two favorite pizza places were Joe's Pizza on Carmine and Grimaldi's Pizza in Brooklyn. SO GOOD. The crust on both pizza's were absolutely divine! Joe's pizza is more causal - grab a slice and eat it across the street in the sunshine. Grimaldi's has a long line (and a bouncer! ;) but totally worth the wait. It's more of a sit down and enjoy. We loved them both!

Magnolia Bakery
I've heard a lot about Magnolia Bakery and have always wondered if it was as good as everyone said it was. Turns out, there's a reason everyone loves it so much. IT'S AMAZING. We tried the famous banana pudding first, I was highly skeptical. I mean, banana pudding? How good could it be? Brian and I downed it! Within seconds! It was delicious!! I'd go back for more in a heartbeat. My favorite, however, was the Icebox Cake. The cake of my dreams!!!

Zucker's Bagels
This cute bagel shop was right around the corner from our hotel, and man, it was GOOD. The cream cheese was divine - even Brian agreed, and he doesn't even like cream cheese! :) There's a reason they have amazing Google reviews, we're big fans and everything was reasonably priced as well!

Travel & Lodging 

We found a really great deal at the Westin at Grand Central. The hotel was fabulous - super clean and great service. It was a quick walk to the Subway and in a great location. It felt safe and we had an AMAZING view of the Empire State Building from our window!

We took the Subway EVERYWHERE. Even though we were only there for four days, we purchased a 7 day unlimited pass. We'll definetly do this every time! We didn't have to worry about how much we had left on our Metro card and could take the Subway anywhere and everywhere, as many times a day as we wanted.

If you made it to the end of this post, HIGH FIVE! It was a long one. And if you have any recommendations for the next time we're in the city, let me know!! Until next time, New York! xo