Pictures taken last week in Central Park - Sweater from Maggie Jay Clothing 

I've been realllllly good at documenting this pregnancy - ha! If you didn't know, we're having a baby! And it's a girl!! :) We couldn't be more thrilled to add another little lady to our crew and Ellie keeps counting down the days until August. For sake of documentation, here's a few pregnancy updates!

  • I'm officially 22 weeks along and there's a definite baby bump! The last few weeks has brought tiny baby kicks and I'm in love with those flutters! 
  • I'm feeling much better now, but still find myself losing my lunch every once in a while. ;) So glad to be past that first trimester, though!
  • Girl names are still hard for us (we have 4+ boys names ready to go and 0 girls names!) There's a few have found that we like, but nothing official yet. Good thing we have time! 
  • At our last ultrasound, the tech got a closeup view of the baby's face, and it looked a little skeleton like. Ellie freaked out and wouldn't uncover her eyes for the rest of the appointment. I was dying! ;) 
  • At every ultrasound, baby girl is moving and kicking like a little wild one. I have a feeling she's going to be a little spunky like her sisters. :)