. . . I R E L A N D ! 

We're overseas for a business trip  - thank you Brian for having international clients! I've completely fallen in L O V E with Dublin - it's simply C H A R M I N G. I could wander around this town for days, even if my toes are always freezing. ;) I'm obsessed with all the colored doors, too - those deserve their own post! Here's a few things from our trip that I wanted to jot (err, I mean type) down so I don't forget: 

* The US Election is the hot topic over here. 
* In fact, we were even on the radio here in Dublin giving our reaction about it. Haha!
* Ireland hot chocolate trumps American hot chocolate every time.
* Scratch that, chocolate in general is way better. 
* Totally missing our girls, but walking miles and miles and having so much fun.