A few photos from our sunny days at the beach last week. I think we're all ready to pick up and move. ;) We spent our time in a few different areas last week - first, Oceanside beach! I love the sand and the pier, but the shoreline was pretty rocky. The other beach we went to was Baby Beach in Dana Point. It's in a harbor so there's no waves and a great swimming area for the kiddos. We loved it so much, we went there twice! It was great for our little ones. :) 

That face! Ha, we could not stop her from eating the sand. :/

Yes, Addie, that's how I feel too about still finding sand everywhere and on everything! ;)

Totally forced them into taking a photo with me. Please enjoy their fake smiles. ;)

She's such a ham! 

Brian built Ellie a tiny little "pool" and she thought it was "GENIUS!" (That's her newest word and it's hilarious to hear her use it!) 

A perfectly placed umbrella behind Brian. Ha! :)

And just in case you were wondering: Girls polka dot swimsuit - Target | Ellie's blue swimsuit - Target (old) | Addie's cheetah swimsuit - old from Gap | My swimsuit - DownEast (all swim 50% off right now!) | Ellie's floatie (we love this thing!)