Hello from NY! 
I wish I could send you all a postcard. This place is beautiful and so GREEN! :) 

We're here with the entire Zurcher family in upstate New York to celebrate Pops, Brian's grandpa who passed away unexpectedly. (Pictures from our last trip to see him here!) We had a fabulous memorial service, with family and friends in attendance from all over the country. How grateful we are for families and our knowledge that we will see Pops again. 

We've been spending lots of time with cousins and even more time outside. Nothing like late nights catching lightning bugs, grass stained knees, and baseball games in the park. Pure joy! 

On a side note, Ellie has been requesting THIS song every time we get in our rental car. Brian's thrilled with music choice, of course. ;) 

Here's a few photos from our trip so far. 

^^ While we all got about 4ish hours of sleep on our red eye flight, Ellie slept for a solid 8 hours! ^^

^^ Happy baby at the airport! ^^ 

^^ Baseball at Brian's childhood park. ^^

^^ Speaking of baseball...here's a good picture of Brian for you! ^^

^^ Superhero on the swings! ^^

^^ We don't get to see cousin Logan too often, so these two have been playing nonstop! ^^ 

^^ Playing raccoons with grandma til sunset. ^^