Addie is a little mama's girl. I cannot leave her sight without her bursting into tears or frantically crawling after me. It's rather adorable but it also makes it difficult to go to the bathroom. She spends most of her time glued to my hip or right at my feet. Every few minutes, she'll look up at me, just to make sure I'm there, and flash a gummy smile my way. Heart melted. 

Most of the time, Ellie runs around with wild, frizzy, bed head hair. If we're at home, I really don't care too much, but for preschool days, we try to do something. This particular morning she requested a "Molly hair do" (her friend Molly has darling hair) and a flower for "flower day" at preschool. Had to be documented! 

I'm not a huge purse girl. I own my fair share of diaper bags (see here and here!) but I've been on the hunt for something small just for the essentials. That way I can take it with me when we take a quick walk or for date night. This clutch is ammmmazing and no lie, it goes with me everywhere. Also, please note that Ellie took this picture and .19243 seconds later, the camera dropped on the ground and the lens broke. Oops. 

Ellie with Grace and Liv. Ellie adores them both and if she had the choice, she'd probably send us home and stay at Gramma's forever. ;) Last time we were down there, Brian and I were at meetings, so Ellie spent the day hanging out at the lake, digging in the sand, and being spoiled with attention. We are so excited to live closer....counting down the days! 

Buddies since day one. Zac is really good about letting Ellie play (ahem, destroy) all his Legos and teaching her how to shoot nerf guns. She likes to correct him when he calls for "mom" or "dad" instead of "mema and papa." ;) 

And once again, Brian avoided all photos. He's getting good at hiding behind the camera, instead. ;) Last week, we had a few more house meetings (wahoo!) and picked out, well, everything! If you want a few sneak peeks, I've been sharing a few random pics over here. Happy weekend, friends! xo 

P.S. My blue dress is from HERE (it's super cheap and the perfect length!)