-I'm sitting in my driveway in the minivan. Both kiddos fell asleep on the way home from a friend's and they desperately needed a nap, so here we sit for twenty minutes! ;)

-I found a spider in said van and killed it with my shoe. And now I feel itchy everywhere - ah! (I'm wimpy when it comes to creepy crawly things!)

-Half our house is packed up in boxes lined in the garage. The other half is scattered on every floor, it's somewhat of a nightmare, and I'm doing my best to avoid it...until the kids wake up. :)

-If you want to see what I look like at 8am in sweats and no makeup (ha, I know you do! ;) we're having a moving sale on Saturday! More details will be on instagram this week, but seriously, if you need some chairs, rugs, ottomans, or other miscellaneous items, come on by!

-80% of our dinners over the last month have been cheese quesadillas. Ha!

-Ellie calls our temporary housing "The Hotel." (It's actually student housing in Provo.) The only two times we've been there to bring over a few things she's cried - and plugged her nose the whole time.  Haha! I'm hoping her opinion changes a bit after a deep carpet clean and when the pool opens for the summer. ;)

-I could totally go for one of those donuts pictured above. And yes, Addie totally stole my donut and downed a lot most of it. A girl after my own heart. ;) 

And now I'm off to wake up these kiddos - so we're not up till midnight - and mop those floors. ;) Happy Wednesday! xo