While Brian's parents were in town this month, we decided to take a Zurcher family roadtrip! They hadn't visited St. George and April was a perfect time to take them before it got too hot. ;) We loaded up the mini vans with snacks and packed lunches and waterbottles, and trekked a few hours down south.

Sadly our plan to show them "sunny St. George" turned into "wow it actually rains here in St. George" type of weekend. ;) The first two days it poured! We found a few indoor activities - the Brigham Young winter home, Children's museum, and the Tabernacle. In between the rain storms, the kids would beg to go to the pool, so we would! And we had it all to ourselves. :) I also took the girls to some of our favorite shops downtown - if you're ever in the area, check out Urban Renewal - my fav! 

Sunday came around and it was GLORIOUS. We went to a church meeting in the morning and walked around the temple grounds after. A picnic lunch later and one last chance for the kids to get out their wiggles, and then we hit the road home....back to more rain. Ha! :) It was fun showing them our soon-to-be town and spending some quality time with the fam. :)

P.S. We adored the Children's Museum (Ellie could have stayed there for hours!) Great place to take the kiddos, especially on rainy days! ;)