Every morning before hitting up the beach, we would either hit up the pool or explore downtown Delray. Sometimes both! We picked up a little floatie for Ellie from Costco while we were there and holy cow, did she ever love it! We spent hours and hours swimming in the pool, so between that and the beach, no wonder we all slept so good at night! We also found the cutest ice cream parlor, Strawberry Girls. We shared an ice cream and wandered around out back where they have berry & veggie picking and a whole section with rescued birds! We talked (and danced!) with parrots and Ellie was only slightly freaked out by the whole experience. Girl loves animals...from a distance! Ha. Here's a few pictures from our Delray adventures: 

^^ Pineapple wall. All the heart eye emojis for happy walls! ^^

^^ Forgive me if there's a million palm tree photos. ^^

^^ This floatie was insanely awesome. We managed to stuff it in our carryons to bring it home. Also, we didn't want to pay the outrageous $$ to check our bags, so we looked AWESOME running around the airport with three carryons, two strollers, two carseats, and a few backpacks and such. Seriously, awesome. ^^

^^ Happy girl! She loved being outside in the sunshine! ^^

^^ Darling little ice cream parlor ^^

^^ Talking parrot! Ok, I couldn't understand half of what he said (only "hello!") but hey, it was pretty darn cool. ^^

^^ Ellie INSISTED on a photo in all of the photo cut out spots. This one cracked me up. ^^

^^ We walked down one of the main streets in Delray and as Ellie says "What the cuteness!" Yes, she actually says that and yes, the street was adorable. ^^

^^ This TILE! Also one of my favorite colors forever and ever. ^^

^^ Brian and Uncle Ryan! ^^  

^^ We never got a chance to eat at the downtown restaurants (super busy with spring breakers!) but man, they had the best art and setups! ^^

^^ Pineapple wall! Ellie was sound asleep in the stroller at this point. Best travel tip? Bring along umbrella strollers. Super easy and convenient for small cars, airports and around town! ^^

^^ And a few more photos from our pool days. Right over the fence was a pond so naturally I checked the pool for alligators every day. ;) ^^ 

^^ Addie's face! I think we'll be hitting up the swimming pool a lot this summer! ^^

^^ Brian's sunburn. It was even more red/purple in person. Ouch! ^^

^^ Ellie keeps asking when we can go back to Florida. Tomorrow, maybe? Ha. But seriously, take me back!! ^^