Does this picture even need a caption? Oh my heavens, this girl! I was THIS close to freaking out, but I started giggling uncontrollably instead and took about a thousand photos. Definitely one for that future wedding slideshow, right? Ha! For the record, she was SUPER proud of herself and loved sporting pinkish eyebrows all day long. (Also, baby wipes took *most* of it off quite well!) 

Cutest little sisters. But boy oh boy, do they give me a run for my money! (Like our last swimming lesson episode HERE! Ha!) They were troopers at the zoo yesterday...I swear the whole county was there! That's what we get for going on the last free day. ;) Only a couple meltdowns, so we'll chalk that one up as a win!  

Twice a week while Ellie is at preschool, I get some good one on one time with this girl. She's the sweetest little thing and a total mama's girl. Yesterday we shopped at Costco just the two of us and as long as I was feeding her samples, she was happy as a clam! ;) Also, this girl will eat anything. Anything! And after Miss Ellie, who has been picky from day one, mealtime has been much easier. In fact, she even gets Ellie to try some new things. Yes! 

 We're obviously needing some help in the sharing department. Ha! 

She was seriously so proud. I'm still giggling looking at this picture! It may be one of my favorite pictures of her to date. ;) But, I did hide the rest of my lipstick. Ha! 

And holy moly, three cheers for FRIDAY! Man alive, we are so glad Brian will be home this weekend! And also, date night hooray! Hope you have a happy weekend, friends! Hide your lipstick! ;) xoxo


P.S. The girls softest, sweetest matching shirts are from Tiny Fancies , fabric bows from Bloomies, and Ellie's new floral comforter is from Target