I keep a note on my phone of all the funny things that Ellie says. This girl, man she keeps us laughing, that's for sure! Here's a few of the comments she has made as of late: 

-"I don't want bones in my hair!" (buns)

-"I think I need a bath because my hair is ca-ray-zyyy.......and I tooted."

-While shopping for groceries: "Can we get shusi?"

-"So after we die, Jesus drives in his car to come get us?"

-"Sometimes mommy says no, but then I ask daddy and he says yes."

-When apologizing for being naughty "I'm sorry you were grumpy earlier."

-"If I put the phone over the potty it might fall in and go down to the dinosaurs?"

-"Sometimes people go down the potty."

-When I didn't let her scrub the toilets "That's not your chore, that's MY chore!" 

-And my favorite one of all..."I don't want to be three! I want to be fourteen!"  (insert all the laughing tears emojis here. Haha!) 

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