This year, we attend church later in the afternoon, so we have plenty of time in the morning for family bonding. ;) Ellie insisted on getting dressed in her "dress with a stuck tutu" as soon as she jumped out of bed. We made breakfast together - Lucky Charms for Ellie and eggs and toast for me and Brian, and Addie chewed on a baby cracker happily in her high chair. We weren't quite sure what to do with all our extra time - we're usually scrambling trying to get everyone ready and out the door! So Brian de-junked the junk drawer, we played a million games of hide and go seek, and Ellie took every book off the bookshelf - we read a good amount of those! Ellie was bribed with a few M&M's (can't remember why) and Addie took a good long nap snuggled on our bed. I couldn't help but snap a few photos of the girls before we left for church (on time!!) Ellie was positively giddy about going to Primary (she moved to the "big kids" class at church instead of nursery!) and later that afternoon, I walked by her classroom a few times to take a peek. ;) Sundays with the four of us are my favorite kind of days.

^^Ellie singing "the baby on the bus goes wah wah wahhh" and Addie totally done with photos. Ha!^^ 

Addie's dress: Old Navy, bow: Layla Belle | Ellie's dress: found at the Wonderland Boutique and moccs: Freshly Picked | Quilt: PB Teen (old)