Happy Thanksgiving!

Yeah, yeah, Thanksgiving was so last week, but I had to share a few pictures + video of our holiday weekend down south!  All the siblings were back together under one roof and we had a blast. We kept our weekend pretty low key – hiking, watching Grace play soccer, nerf gun wars, food glorious food, game nights, movies, and marshmallow fights. Oh, and family pictures. We all survived! :) Addie only screamed in the car while traveling for a total of two hours or so (Erin and Spencer are never going to want to ride with us again!) and both Ellie and Addie had the time of their life at “gwamma’s house.” Spoiled with attention, those two, and they loved every minute of it. My mom made a delicious Thanksgiving dinner and we soaked up every minute spent with the fam. Ellie tells me every day how much she misses Gramma and Papa. (In fact, she told me “you and daddy go on a trip and me and Addie will stay at Gramma’s!” Sounds like a good plan to me, ha!) And now, onto the pictures! (And a video above, if you want to see how nuts we really are ;)


If you’re ever in St. George, hike in Snow Canyon. It’s the prettiest!!


My sister Erin made us each personalized place cards featuring Pilgrims & Indians and our favorite things: electronics (brian), soccer (Grace), video games (Zac), rock climbing (Erin), art (me), playing (Ellie), canoeing (dad), baking/family (mom), motorcycles (rick), animals (lisa) speed dating (Spenc), ha, they were super cute!


It was the perfect holiday weekend! Love this crazy family :)