…and by snow, I mean like a tiny patch of snow on the side of the road. But to Ellie, it was a magical winter wonderland! Last weekend, we spent a quick night up in Park City. On the outside, it wasn’t super grand. We spent hours playing in the pool and spent an entire morning throwing tiny snowballs. Nothing fancy, but it was one of those wonderful, simple memories I want to bottle up forever.


^^ Oh Addie girl did not like that hat! Ha! ^^


^^ Probable cause of the hat displeasure. Gotta grow into that hat Addie girl! ;) ^^


^^ Building snowman and Ellie couldn’t be more thrilled. ^^


^^ Olaf…complete with smarty eyes and a veggie straw nose! ^^


^^ Man, I love those blue, blue skies! And that little adventurous girl. ^^


^^ About to get pelted by a snowball. Ha! Such a perfect little weekend with my crew. ^^