BMB_2728All photos by Brenna Burrows Photography

Hello my friends! Welcome to the official/unofficial Zurcher family update.For the sake of journaling purposes, I thought I’d share a little bit of our life right now. I’m always telling Brian that if it weren’t for pictures and this blog, I’d never remember anything! My friend Brooke is an absolute genius and posted a family state of the union address on her blog recently, so I’m taking a page out of her book! (Thanks for letting me use completely copy your idea, Brooke!) . Here’s a little update on on family as of late:


Between long work hours, church callings, and being an awesome dad/husband, this guy has been busy! The girls have been a little sick as of late, and he’s been picking up the slack keeping the house spotless, keeping track of when we take medicine next, making meals, and doing it all with a smile on his face. This last month he worked a lot of long hours (early morning and some really late nights – past midnight!) but now we’re back to a more normal schedule. He’s been playing in a pickle ball league with some work buddies and the girls and I love cheering him on.


The last month or so has felt like a whirlwind (how is it already November!?) I’ve been working on preparing the shop for the holidays and getting ready for boutiques, as well as working with the young women in our ward and working towards finishing my Personal Progress for a second time. All of us girls have been sick, so it’s been a little nice to slow down a bit. The girls keep me on my toes and constantly have me laughing. A month or so after having Addie, I experienced some postpartum anxiety. (I seriously thought I was just crazzzzy!) I finally let go of my pride enough to call my doctor, and since accepting some help, I’ve been feeling so much better!


Ellie girl is just as sweet, spirited, and spunky as ever. She adores preschool and her darling teacher, and always surprises us with new songs. She absolutely hates wearing clothes and within seconds of walking in the door, she takes off her pants. She also changes her outfit about 12 times a day. It drives me semi completely crazy. ;) She takes her big sister role seriously, I found her changing Addie’s diaper the other day. Ha! (And she did it almost perfectly!) She’s doing much better about going to bed, and she is finally warming up to eating meat! I’m totally jinxing all of this, I know. ;)


Addie is our little happy camper. She’s calm and content (unless she’s in her car seat), and even when she’s sick, she’s smiling! She is getting much more mobile and active, and more and more, she surprises us by laughing out loud. It’s the cutest thing. She loves grabbing her toys….and her sisters hair! ;) She’s definitely a mama’s girl and I don’t mind one bit!

Speaking of Addie, she’s in need of a diaper change, so I’m signing off! (And maybe calling in Ellie? She’s totally got it ;) I kid, I kid.) Have a happy day my friends! XO

Photos: Brenna Burrows Photography
Blog Post Inspiration: Brooke at Silver Lining