Operation Halloween at the Zurcher house was a success! We had a few setbacks, but I’m proud to say that I kept my word and was not a Halloween Grinch this year. First time for everything! ;) Ellie had so much fun dressing up in multiple outfits for multiple events (and never wore her original costume she picked out. Ha! Next year?) We had big plans for a Halloween dinner/party and a packed schedule for the weekend, but poor Addie girl came down with a bad case of croup (and spent a few hours in the ER last week), so we cancelled most of our events and stuck with the basics. Trick or treating for Ellie and a whole lot of sugar. ;)


Ellie’s first costume of the week: Sofia the First (with Ariel shoes) for her preschool party! This girl came home with SO many treats!


Our witch hats didn’t last long, but hey we tried! This little one has been a trooper this week!


Our “mad princess” (who spilled on her costume right before we went out, ha!) Ellie found this dress in the garage a few weeks ago (it used to be mine 16+ years ago!) and commented how it looked exactly like her Sleeping Beauty doll, aka her Mad Princess. She insisted on wearing it (even though it’s a little big on her!) and carried her doll around all night, too. The looks on our neighbors faces when she told them she was a “mad princess” were priceless. Ha! Seriously, this girl keeps us laughing!   

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Grabbed a quick bite to eat before trick or treating. Thankfully by Saturday Addie was doing much better, so we made it out of the house for the first time in days.


Never got around to carving pumpkins this year, so these were our jack-o-lanterns. ;)


Our happy little camper.


Ellie was enchanted by the whole trick or treating concept again this year. She ran around our grass before we left saying “I’m just SO excited!” She only had us go up to the door with her at the “scary houses” and followed the neighborhood boys from door to door. ;)



A block before we arrived home, she crawled into Addie’s seat and crashed! Brian, Addie, and I raided Ellie’s loot (Halloween tax?) ;) ‘Twas a good Halloween indeed!