It’s perfect hiking weather in Utah right now. Not too hot, not too cold, with a hint of fall in the air. On Labor Day we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and headed to the mountains. Ok, ok, this wasn’t quite the mountains. It’s a gorgeous little trail nestled between humongous houses in Draper. (We saw one house for sale that had 3,500 sq. feet of GARAGE. Insane!) Ellie is totally in her element outdoors, so she was in absolute heaven. She hiked the whole way up and the whole way down and didn’t even want to stop to eat her fruit snack. (And let me tell you, she loves fruit snacks!) Addie must enjoy the outdoors as much as the rest of us do, because she slept soundly the entire way. Or she found it incredibly boring. One or the other. ;)


And….a quick little video. I’m still working on improving my videography skills (it was my New Year’s resolution and I’m finally getting around to it!) I’m no pro by any means, but man do I love having these short little video clips of our family at this stage in our life.