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It’s that time of the month again! No, no, not that time of the month. Rather, the time of the month in which I pretend that I’m not a complete dork in front of the camera and Brian goes into photographer mode telling me how to stand and look. Despite the fact that I feel totally awkward being in pictures by myself (Where are my children? Aren’t they usually in photos with me? Ha!), I love participating in Brooke’s “How We Wore It” collabs. There’s no shopping involved, just sorting through my closet for a Pinterest inspired outfit. Which, until I cleaned it last weekend, my closet was just a pile of clothes on the floor a few feet high. No joke. I’m fairly certain it drove Brian crazzzzy, but he didn’t say anything. ;) Anyway, this was our inspiration:

I was loving the loose shirt, ripped jeans, and heels, so that’s what I based my look on. Heels? Haven’t worn them in months! The only time I wear them nowadays is when I have Brian with me and he can carry the car seat or Addie girl. I tend to…be a little accident prone in heels. ;) This white feminine top is my absolute favorite, especially when it comes to my postpartum body. I am working on being more confident in my postpartum-ness and being happy with the now. This quote hangs in our living room and it’s such a good reminder! Every once in awhile I catch myself thinking “I’ll be really happy when (fill in the blank)” and I quickly try to purge those thoughts as quickly as they came. Happiness is not a destination or an end goal. Happiness can be made now.

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And, a quick picture with my photographer ;) He’s the best.

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