preschool pictures

We have a preschooler! Can you believe it? Ellie could hardly wait for school to start. We played pretend preschool for weeks and she toted her backpack around with her wherever we went. The night before the big day brought a sweet father’s blessing from dad and laying out her back to school clothes on her bedroom floor. She had previously found this “letter shirt” while we were out shopping, and of course we got Addie a matching one too. Ellie sung the alphabet song no less than thirty times the next morning as we were getting ready. Hours before preschool started, she had her shoes on, ready to go. (Also notable, this was the first morning in…well just about forever that she didn’t change outfits a dozen times. That letter shirt is a winner! :) We have been talking about being brave the last few weeks and brave she was! When we arrived at her school, she squealed “I just SO excited to go to preschool!” as she waited anxiously for me to unbuckle her car seat. She held my hand to the door, and with a hug, walked in confidently and immediately found friends. Neither of us cried (shocking!) and when I arrived to pick her up, she was beaming from ear to ear. I think the car rides home will be my favorite, she told me all about her first day with a big grin on her face. So proud of you Ellie girl. Here’s to an exciting new adventure!