When we moved into our townhome, I knew I wanted to make it a comfortable place for our kids to play. Ellie was about 9 months old when we moved in, and for the first few days before our carpets were cleaned and rugs were laid down, she played in a big moving box because I wouldn’t let her touch the nasty floor! Ha! Poor girl. Since then, we’ve put down new flooring and made a fun space for play. Our playroom houses a slide and fun playhouse/crawl space, our ottoman opens up into a ball pit, and we’ve made sure every room in our house is ball tag friendly. ;) I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect swing for awhile, and I have finally found one! I wanted something both the girls could eventually use and this fabric swing from Rockabye Colbie has been the PERFECT addition. Now that Addie has more neck strength, she has started to try it out, too! I’d say from that smile on her face, she adored her turn.


The swing can hold up to 50 pounds, so both Addie and Ellie will be able to enjoy it for a long time. It’s perfect for indoor AND outdoor use, and can easily be moved around our home to different rooms. I love that it’s extremely padded and comes with a pillow for extra support. I only wish I had one in my size!


You can find these adorable swings over on Rockabye Colbie’s shop, facebook, and instagram! How do you make your home kid friendly?