Its Friday, its Friday, hooray! I’m still dreaming about our quick trip down to St. George last weekend. Addie was just over three weeks old and we decided we were ready for a little road trip! We were super excited because:

1. This was our first trip as a family of four
and 2. It was our very first trip in our MINIVAN!

Yes, you read that right, minivan! Most people that know me know of my (previous) disgust towards minivans. I was always apt to give my opinion on them whenever they came up in conversation. “You couldn’t pay me enough to drive one of those things!” I always said. And I was pretty set in my ways. Until last summer during our NYC trip. We borrowed a van to drive from upstate to the city and after sitting in the very back with Brian & Ellie (+Ellie’s large car seat) comfortably for 4+ hours, I was sold. Of course, I refused to admit this to anyone for some time (my pride! my pride!) but alas, here I am, eating my words. ;) And now I’m one of those moms that raves about her minivan. Never say never, right? :)

Anyway, back to our road trip! It was a quick Friday night to Sunday afternoon kind of a trip. We kept it pretty low key: played in gramma’s backyard, make pizzas on the grill, Brian went golfing, and we all took Ellie to a splash pad or two! Grandma got to show off her newest grandbaby at church, Addie was as calm and quiet as ever, and Ellie was thrilled to have so much one on one attention all weekend long. You can see some pictures from our quick weekend below, plus a little video with a few of the clips we took as well. Last weekend was one for the books!


^^ Afternoon at the splash pad. Addie was super content to be hanging out outside. ^^


^^ Aunt Erin was out of town when Addie was born and finally got to meet her! We are super excited that she and Uncle Spenc are moving to college soon and will be so close! ^^


^^ I can’t help but sniff her head a million times a day. Can I bottle up that baby smell, please!? ^^


^^ This girl loves water! She was in heaven splashing around! ^^


^^ Best. Sandals. Ever. ^^


^^ Saturday evening at the carousel. A perfect summer night! ^^