Can you believe it’s almost August!? I had so much fun working on these handouts to go along with the Young Women Come Follow Me lessons for August – all focused on marriage and family! There’s at least one handout per lesson and you can download them all for free at the end of this post! Enjoy! Why is the family important Young Women YW Handout Printable Why is the family important YW Families are central to God's Plan YW Lesson Handout

For the lesson Why is Family Important?

Marriage and Family Handout Young Womens Come Follow MeCelestial Marriage YW Quote Lesson Handout
Why is temple marriage important?

The Law of Chastity Young Womens Lesson Handout   The Law of Chastity and Temple Covenants Bookmark Young Womens Handout

Why is chastity important?

For the Strength of Youth Dating Standards YW Lesson Handout

What are the Church’s standards regarding dating?

Becoming a Righteous Mother YW Lesson Handout Love your Mother Printable

How can I prepare now to become a righteous wife and mother?

August Marriage and Families YW Handout

How do the roles of men and women complement each other in families?

How can I strengthen my family lesson handout LDS Young WomensThe Family Proclamation Quote YW Handout

How can I strengthen my family?

Free Young Women Lesson Handouts August


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