Father's Day 2015 (15)Floral Chiffon Maternity Dress: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (seriously, my favorite!) | Shoes: snagged from one of my sisters ;)

I had to check my baby app on my phone to make sure I was actually 36 weeks along. 36 weeks?! How did we get here already? Time is flying! I figured I better throw in a few more pregnancy updates before this little one comes along (4 weeks left, oh my!)

At 36 weeks:
Gender: Still a girl! We had an ultrasound a week or two ago and I made them confirm again. Can’t be too safe after they switched it on us! Also, we may have finally figured out a name for this little one! It took us forever, but we think we’ve got it now!

Feeling: Well, pregnant. :) I’ve been a little more on the emotional/hormonal side lately (sorry, Brian!) and haven’t been sleeping too well (preparation for middle of the night feedings, right?) Other than that, I’m feeling great! Nesting has been in full swing and Ellie has been my biggest helper getting all the baby stuff washed and ready to go.

Craving: Anything cold! This summer heat we’ve been having (100 degrees!) makes me feel like I’m back in St. George. Love it! But I definitely have been eating my fair share of otter pops and ice cream.

Other random things to note: We had an appointment last week and found out baby girl is measuring two weeks small. (Then again, they told me Ellie was measuring big and going to be at least 8 lbs.! Ha, she was 6!) Anyway, we have another ultrasound next week to see how baby has been growing and see if she needs to come earlier than expected. We’re kind of in limbo waiting to see if she’ll stay cooking for another four weeks or if she’s coming sooner than we thought! (Hence, all the nesting! Ha!) Lots of prayers have been sent out for this little one to keep on growing. On a lighter note, this cute maternity dress from Pink Blush Maternity is one of my absolute favs! The colors are just right and the light chiffon is perfect for this HOT weather we have been having. I’ve ordered several pieces of maternity clothes from Pink Blush over the last few months and have been a huge fan.

4 weeks (maybe less!) until we meet baby sister! We couldn’t be more excited!

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