You guys! We just returned from the most epic camping trip of all time and I finally have pictures to prove it! And yes, call me crazy, but camping 7.5 months pregnant wasn’t all that bad. In fact, it was an absolute blast (and thank goodness for air mattresses, right? :) We took a big family trip for my mom’s birthday down to Carlsbad, California. We had never tried out this campsite before but we decided to take a chance. Turns out camping on the beach = my kind of camping! The campsite was great, though most of my pictures are of the beach! Oops! We already have plans in the works for a trip next year! And Ellie? She was right in her element. Sun and sand? Yes, please! I could go on and on about how much we loved our few days in Carlsbad, but instead, how about round one of pictures to prove it? :)

Carlsbad Camping Summer 2015 (14)

Half the time Ellie hung out in her panties vs her swimsuit. Silly goose!

Carlsbad Camping Summer 2015 (12)Carlsbad Camping (42)Carlsbad Camping (43)Carlsbad Camping (48)


Tiny shoes in the sand (from Gap!)

Carlsbad Camping (20)Carlsbad Camping (23)

Best bump picture to date!

Carlsbad Camping (18)Carlsbad Camping (58)Carlsbad Camping (10)Carlsbad Camping (5)

Ellie’s hair went even more curly at the beach. I was dying – so cute!

Carlsbad Camping (21)Carlsbad Camping (45)Carlsbad Camping (41)Carlsbad Camping Summer 2015 (4)Carlsbad Camping Summer 2015 (23)

Ellie and her camping dog. He last made his appearance here.

Carlsbad Camping Summer 2015 (20)

And, hey! The one picture I have of our campsite! Ha!

Carlsbad Camping Summer 2015 (21)Carlsbad Camping Summer 2015 (22)

The view from our campsite was glorious!

Carlsbad Camping (6)Carlsbad Camping (7)Carlsbad Camping (12)

Brian picked up this little wagon + sand toys set for Ellie before we left. It kept her entertained all day at the beach!

Carlsbad Camping (25)

These two skimboarders. I was too chicken to jump on one with my pregnant belly. I thought for sure I’d crash and/or go into labor. Haven’t skimboarded in years! (Must fix that after baby is born!)

Carlsbad Camping Summer 2015 (1)