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Easy morning routine? Is that possible!? After having Ellie, I wasn’t quite sure. How in the world does a mom get ready with a toddler hanging onto their legs, climbing atop furniture while they’re in the shower, and causing other mischief. ;) I’ve had to shorten my routine (and shower!) slightly since Ellie came along and just found the perfect solution for easy, no heat curls. And when I say easy, I mean oh so easy! Meet Savvy Curls.

savvy curls band

I was recently introduced to Savvy Curls through a friend and she sent me one to try. I really wasn’t sure it would work. I’ve tried other headbands as curling methods before, but my curls came out all kinked and uneven. After watching a few videos tutorials and seeing various testimonials, I decided I better try it out. The Savvy Curls headband is filled with a little bit of foam padding, making the headband round that eliminates the problems I had before. No need to use a curling iron for beautiful, bouncy curls.

before and after savvy curls

To get these easy curls, I simply let my hair air dry after getting out of the shower.  (For a faster morning, I would do this all the night before and then wake up with my hair all done in the morning!) With a few spots still damp, I placed the Savvy Curls headband over my hair, and started wrapping small sections of my hair around the band, pulled it through, then continued wrapping all the way around.

savvy curls (2)savvy curls (3)

After all my hair was pulled up, I left it for a few hours. (For tighter curls, you’ll want to leave it in for longer – like overnight! For loose curls, two or so hours will do)
savvy curls (12)

After a few hours had passed (and a toddler had been chased and a few household chores had been done), I pulled out the band. A quick run through with my fingers and the curls were good to go!
savvy curls (13)

Besides providing super easy curls and more time to chase Ellie around in the morning, I loved that I wasn’t worried about damaging my hair with the heat of a curling iron. Hooray for easy morning hair routines! Want to try one out too?! Savvy Curls is giving away one band to one lucky reader! (You’re going to love it!) You can enter via the Rafflecopter below. If you don’t win the giveaway (or just can’t wait to try it out), you can recieve $2 off your order with code savvyc1. Good luck!