We’re back! We were awfully quiet on the blog and other social media sites last week. Partly because I had a broken phone, partly because I took on a lot of projects this month, and partly because it was nice to have a break. A nice, refreshing, quiet break! But, we’re back! Can’t get rid of us for too long! ;)

Last week, Ellie woke up in a terrific mood (she slept until 9:40!!!!!) and it was the perfect morning to do a little “interview” with her. I’ve tried to do one with her previously but apparently right before naptime is the wrong time to ask questions. ;) We made a little video - which she thinks is hilarious and watches over and over again. I was dying at some of her answers, like her random name for baby sis (thank you, Daniel Tiger!), her counting to ten, and her favorite color of the day! Ha! You can watch it below.

Hope you have a fantastic Monday! XO