Last weekend, we took a little road trip down to sunny St. George…and Ellie and I decided to stay a few extra days! Brian is hard at work at home with some final remodeling projects (he’s such a good guy!) but we definitely got the better end of the deal. ;) Shorts and sandals every day and glorious sunshine. Ellie loves being at “gramma’s house” and I love watching her play. It reminds me so much of visiting my gram when I was little. Feeding chickens (who would have thought my parents would ever have chickens!?), watering the plants, endless hours in the sun, art projects, treat baking, the perfect childhood vacation. Not to mention, she’s completely spoiled while she’s here. :) Here’s just a few photos from the last few days, with more to come I’m sure. :)


Watering the plants with gram. When I ask Ellie if it’s time for us to go back to our house, she always replies with “No, let’s just stay at gramma’s house.”


“Green means go! Red means stop!”


Thrilled beyond belief to be wearing some goggles!


Papa’s little helper.


She LOVES the hose. Just like her Uncle Spenc. ;)


Happy Weekend!! xoxoxo