Continuing on with my 30 days of patterns, here’s the second set! As you can see, Ellie had a little fun helping me with a few, she loves to draw on my tablet. I think her two patterns are my favorite in this set. I can’t get over how much I love her little people! I’m dying to turn it into some fabric, and maybe a blanket for her. :) I still feel like I’m slowly getting the hang of patterns, I’m no expert! But, if you’re looking to learn too, this patterns class on Atly is amazing and so much fun! (And no, that was not sponsored ;) I’ve just been loving taking new classes online!)

**All images and patterns copyright Alexa Zurcher. Not available for download. If interested in purchasing a pattern, please email me at Thanks!**

cakes - Alexa Z Design pattern
clock   - Alexa Z Design patternellie pattern  - Alexa Z Design pattern ellie pattern  - Alexa Z Design pattern 
floral teal - Alexa Z Design patternpresents - Alexa Z Design pattern
 floral yellow stripes  - Alexa Z Design patternlighbulbs - Alexa Z Design pattern paris - Alexa Z Design pattern
pineapple - Alexa Z Design patternsunglasses - Alexa Z Design pattern