Half way, half way! This pregnancy has been flying by and I haven’t been very good at documenting it So for journaling sake, a quick update on pregnancy with baby #2! 

Gender: GIRL! Haha, such a funny, crazy turn of events! Though after hearing some crazy stories from friends in similar situations, I think I want a third opinion ;)  Ha!

Feeling: Good. Second trimester is my favorite. I still have some round ligament pain (never had that with E!) and sciatica, but neither have been terrible as of late (I’m totally jinxing it, huh?)

Craving: Eggs, beans, cheese, and bagels. So random! Oh, and I guess ice cream could be added to the list. But does it really count if I always crave that, pregnant or not? :) I still tend to avoid cooking chicken, or meat in general, unless it’s in the crock pot…outside. :)

Other random things to note: That nesting stage has kicked in and brought along the intense need to rearrange every room upstairs. ;) I still have one or two pairs of non-maternity jeans that fit and I’m trying to stretch those as long as I can. I switched to maternity pants so early with Ellie and I hated wearing them by the end, haha. Pregnancy brain is in full swing and causes all kinds of trouble (I forget everything!)

IMG_6960 Awkward pose for me, but I was dying laughing when Ellie jumped in the shot and exclaimed “It’s meeee! I here!” Because no photo is complete without our little E :)