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^^Sunny sink baths after an afternoon of watercolor painting. While this girl is wild and adventurous like her daddy, she does love to sit and paint with me for an hour or so. And I love it! ^^

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^^ Snowy mountain adventures with the Zurcher fam one weekend. Couldn’t resist grabbing a few photos of that glistening snow. (Also, I’m all for visiting the snow in the mountains and not having any at my house. That’s my kind of winter! :)


^^ Love this book that Brian picked me up for Christmas. No words, just photos, and it’s so beautiful! ^^


^^ My shelves are slowly getting rearranged and I’ve recently acquired fake plants! The only kind of plants I can’t kill :) They make me think it’s spring, even though it’s clearly not, so I just keep adding them to every room. ^^


^^ And another fake plant in our dining room. Our dining room gets the BEST sun in the afternoon. If I sat by the window for a half hour each day, think it would help my tan? ;) ^^


^^ Lunch dates with my handsome man! We’ve been making more of an effort of seeing each other at least once a week during working hours, so fun! ^^

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^^ I think I’m simply posting these photos so when I look back at this post, I’ll have a major pregnancy craving and we’ll just have to go back to Cafe Rio ;) ^^


^^ And Ellie’s favorite part of the meal! :) ^^

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^^ Tomorrow we find out….boy or girl?! AHHHHH! Take a guess! ^^