Ellie at 2 years (and 4 months!):

-Still obsessed with Mickey Mouse. In fact, the other night I heard roll over in her bed, yell out “Oh Tooooodles!” then roll back to sleep.

-Sings. All the time. Her favorite songs to sing are I am a Child of God, Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and I Love to See the Temple. She also makes up songs for everything she’s doing. “Playing in the snow, playing in the snow, OH, OH, playing in the snow!” or “Taking a bath, taking a bath, OH, OH!” They are always to the same tune, never without the OH OH, and it’s adorable.

-Still loves veggies, fruit, and beans. But still does not want to eat any meat. We try to sneak it into some of her foods (spaghetti sauce, etc) but she manages to pick it out every time!

-Wants a peanut butter sandwich every day for lunch. But don’t cut it into the wrong shape, she won’t eat it! ;) This week she prefers squares, but last week it was triangles.

-Every time I say “oh man!” or “ouch!” she pats me on the back and says “Tell me what’s wrong. It’s going to be alright.”

-Loves to play with blocks and Legos, baby dolls, and her little people town.

-Holds up one finger with her other hand on her hip and says “Ah-HA! I have a good idea!”

-Generous with her hugs, kisses, and “Love you’s!”

-Begs to go to school all the time. Especially since visiting her preschool she’ll be attending in the fall.

-Tells me I either have a baby boy or a baby elephant in my tummy. :)

Oh Ellie, you light up our life!