In our playroom, we have this really long, really short crawl space. It’s essentially not tall enough to be a closet, and requires some major ducking on any adults part to get in there. Hence, it became our storage pit. Suitcases, never used toys, and other random items piled haphazardly in this space until this last weekend. It had to go, we said! After a year and a half, we finally put this space to good use. Brian cut this darling window (more on that later!) to let in a little more light, Ellie’s pink kitchen found a new home, and an extra strand of lights added the perfect finishing touches to this little corner. We found this tiny little table (aka cheap, tiny TV stand) at Ikea, which was the perfect addition. We find Ellie in here making pizza and cake daily! (Only making the best food ;) And it has become the perfect (and one and only!) hide and go seek spot!


This little window adds much more light on the inside, and is absolutely adorable on the outside. I can’t wait to show you!


Felt balls from Hello Maypole. P.S. Taking pictures without hitting your head multiple times in here? Not possible. :)


I adored these fruit printables (found here) When Ellie asked what the lime was, she thought I said “lion” so now she RAWRS! every time she sees it. :)