Oh, hey! Remember how I’ve been a real slacker about blogging lately? Yeah, me too. Let’s face it, blogging five times a week this holiday season has been an impossible feat for me. Ellie has been feeling under the weather (and Brian and I have been too!) We also have all the fun (and craziness!) that comes with the holidays: parties, events, shopping, you name it! And holiday orders in the shop have been insane (a good thing!) plus I’ve been finishing up my portfolio so I can actually graduate. Finally! So, while this month I may not be as consistent, I’m still here! And I’ll be popping in to say hello, just mayyyybe not as often as usual. ;)

Anyway! While Ellie has been sick at home for some the last week, we tried to cross off as many holiday activities as we could (ok, maybe two? Baking. And gingerbread houses!)  Here’s what we’ve been up to (you know, when we’re not watching Mickey Mouse in our pajamas at 4 o’clock in the afternoon ;)


On the days we’re feeling better, we’ve bake. A LOT. But because we don’t want to spread any germs, we’ve kept them all at home and MAN ALIVE, we have too many! Too many I say! (And I’m a big believer in never having too much dessert. That’s how much we have!)


Ellie loves play dough. As in, she sat at the table for hours one sick morning, squishing that salty dough around. We made snakes, and balls, and rolled it out, and she couldn’t have been more entertained. Also, her hair has become even more wild. Send help!


Taken only moments after she fell asleep eating her dinner at the table, and was THIS close to falling smack out of her chair. Poor tired girl had her daddy catch her and put her in her bed….at SIX O’CLOCK IN THE EVENING! Being sick threw our entire schedule out the door.


Annnnnd ginger bread houses. I was too lazy to make homemade graham cracker / homemade icing houses, so a store bought pink hello kitty house did the trick! Ellie COULD NOT stop eating the icing (it was really good!) and then we played “house” with the kitty and tree marshmallows for a good hour after. Until we decided they needed to go inside the house and it crumbled to pieces. The end of the gingerbread house (mostly because we were out of frosting…)

And thus ends oh so adventuresome week we had at home. Ha! Be back soon! XO