Thanksgiving Thankful Wreath, Thankful Tree

With Thanksgiving right around the corner, I really wanted to make a Thankful tree! Every year my family makes a tree or poster for us to write what we are thankful for during the season. Turns out, I’m not too great at making trees. :) So I opted for a paper leaf wreath instead! I love the color it brings into this little corner of my home and love that we have a place to add everything we are thankful for. Tutorial and free printable below!

Thanksgiving Thankful Wreath, Thankful Tree, Thanksgiving Printables

Printable Leaves (download here!)
Hot Glue Gun

Step One: Print out leaves and cut to size (this is the time consuming part!) You will also want to cut a piece of cardboard into a wreath shape. I enlisted Brian’s help for this part, while Ellie helped me “cut” the leaves. In reality, she scattered all the leaves around the dining room. :)

Thanksgiving Thankful Wreath, Thankful Tree, Leaf Printable

Step Two: Time to start writing! Write everything you are thankful for on the leaves. We started out writing on the beige leaves, simply so it would show up better. I left out a bunch of the lighter color leaves so that we can continue to write on and stick them in throughout the month.

Step Three: Fold each leaf in half at the bottom and add a dab of hot glue. This will give your wreath shape and volume (instead of looking flat!)

Thanksgiving Printable, Thankful Wreath Thankful Tree

Step Four: Using your hot glue gun, glue on all your leaves to the cardboard wreath. Carefully layer each leaf so that it covers up the glue spot. You will want your wreath to look as full as possible (no cardboard showing!) so add more leaves to your wreath if needed when you’re finished.

Step Five: You’re finished!! Hang indoors (so they paper doesn’t get ruined outside). I used a 3M Hook to hang my wreath on our door in the dining room. Show it off to your family and friends…then take a picture and send it to me! :)

Thanksgiving Printable, Thankful Wreath Thankful TreeThanksgiving Printable, Thankful Wreath Thankful TreeThanksgiving Printable, Thankful Wreath, Thankful Tree, Free Thanksgiving Printable

Some of the things we are thankful for: Our home, family and friends, electronics (guess who wrote that one ;) chocolate, The Book of Mormon, Brian & Ellie, and the power of prayer. What are you grateful for?