Dear world,

Hey! It’s Ellie here again. It’s been a long time since I’ve taken over the blog. Remember the last time? I only had one tooth! My mom’s been really busy lately getting ready for all her holiday boutiques, and I’ve been a big help. Those price tags on the back? All me, guys. I’m really good at recycling her unused paper too. I like to draw cars, babies, snakes, and minions. Anyways, here’s what’s been going on around here lately.


Daddy made banana pancakes for breakfast on Saturday. I totally caught onto his trick, puh-lease dad, bananas in pancakes? I’ll take some waffles with a side of sugar please.


Mom and Dad have been soooo lame lately. Every time we go to buy a berry smoothie at Costco, we order, have the smoothie in our hands, and then they realize they have NO CASH ON THEM. Um, do you know how embarrassing that is, for me? And seriously guys, carry some cash. Good thing Gramma and Grace were in town. They treated me to my long awaited smoothie.


Speaking of Gramma, she’s really quite fun. She likes to kiss my elbow. My elbow!


Grandpa came into town too! We got all bundled up and played outside for hours! He’s super grandpa, mama is pretty wimpy when it comes to the cold.


Mom still takes way too many pictures of me, but it’s ok as long as she gives me a turn with that giant, black thing. She gets really nervous when I pick it up, but I can tell she secretly likes it when I show her that I know how to click the button and tell her to say “CHEESE!”


Baby dolls. All day, every day.


And shhhh! I secretly convinced my parents to get a mini Christmas tree, just my size, AND set it up BEFORE Thanksgiving. ;) And it’s complete with kid friendly ornaments. Oooh, how I’ve got them wrapped around my little finger.

Until next time world!
xo, Ellie