For reals right now:

-Life is INSANE! :) Tis the season, right? I’ve been up past 2am most nights this week prepping for holiday boutiques, can’t quite seem to catch a free minute to answer the emails piling in my inbox, my house is pretty much a disaster, and if it wasn’t for Brian, our laundry would be overflowing out of the basket. But, it’s a good insane, you know? All good things, all good things.

-Speaking of boutiques, I’ll be at the Wonderland Boutique in Alpine, Utah this weekend and the Bijou Market next weekend!

-Ellie woke up from her nap the other day calling out “Hey Lex! Lex! Where are you Lex?” She’s picked up on my name after hanging out with her cousins. It’s adorable beyond belief, but I still prefer mommy.

-If you’re looking for some amazing rolls to bring to your Thanksgiving dinner, try these out. We made them on Sunday and I’m so in love. Best roll recipe I’ve ever tried!

-Ellie’s hair man, it’s nuts!

-Back track: My birthday was SO MUCH FUN! Cinnamon rolls (tradition!), cutest birthday gifts from family and friends, eating our dessert before ordering our dinner, talk about the best day ever!

-Why do otter pops sound so good right now?

-I should probably get more sleep. I’m writing this wayyyyy too early in the morning. Not sure if any of this made any sense whatsoever. ;) Over and out!