Floral Crown for ToddlersHeadband Crown  (2)Floral Crown for Toddlers

Life as of late:
-Ellie is talking up a storm and quotes Madeline all the day long. I posted a quick video on Instagram, she’s a hoot!
-We have had an amazingly warm November, last week was so sunny and so warm! Park day every day.
-This floral crown has Ellie dancing around the house singing “Ellie like a princess!” Cannot get over how cute it is.
-P.S. you can take 20% off that darling crown (or any other item) from Indie and Olive with the code “HOLIDAY20”
-Brian’s family in Norway will all be officially back tomorrow in the USA! In Utah! To stay!
-Now hiring office organizer. Mine is a mess! ;)
-I’m extremely giddy every time I see Christmas decorations in the store. Bring on the glitter, the holiday cheer!
-Brian is superman. He’s taking out the trash and sweeping the floors while I lay on the bed and blog.
-Life is good. The end. :)