DIY jewelry display, jewelry organizer
When we moved into our house last year, I shoved all my jewelry in my top dresser drawer and there it has stayed for the last year. In fact, I thought I lost it all until the other day when I found it all tangled up in the back of my drawer. I figured it was about time to do something about it! After spending a lot of time untangling, a lot, I laid it all out on the dresser for a week. A week! I knew that it would start to drive me crazy (and Brian too!) so we’d come up with a solution faster. Ha. After popping into our messy, messy garage one afternoon, I spotted this lone, forgotten shelf. I picked it up at a local thrift store last year and since we’ve moved, I haven’t used it at all.  It was perfect for our room!
DIY jewelry display, jewelry organizer
While I loved the blue, it didn’t fit our room at all. I chose white so all the colorful jewelry would pop! I picked up some glossy, white spray paint and two tiny dowels at Michael’s and Brian grabbed the small white hooks from Lowes. After painting the shelf and dowels and letting it dry, Brian cut down the dowels to size. He bent two hooks and screwed them into the side of the shelf and from there, we placed the dowel on top. (You can kind of see it in the photos below!) It makes it super handy for the bracelets to be able to remove the dowel and slide a bracelet on and off.
DIY jewelry display, jewelry organizerDIY jewelry display, jewelry organizer
The necklaces are hung on just tiny white hooks. No more tangles! And no more broken necklaces! (Ellie, I love you, but you haven’t figured out how to be quite as gentle with mommy’s jewelry as I would like ;)
DIY jewelry display, jewelry organizerDIY jewelry display, jewelry organizerDIY jewelry display, jewelry organizer
And there you have it. A simple, easy jewelry organizer! On a random side note, I used to wear earrings every single day. All day long. Now all of the sudden, I can’t wear anything remotely heavy. If I do, my ears get infected and red! So most of these pairs of earrings are saved for date nights and church, where I don’t wear them for very long. Do you have any favorite lightweight earrings? I’d love to hear your favorites and while we’re at it, any of your favorite places to buy cute (affordable!) jewelry. XO