Everything you need to know about blogging

Seems kind of weird blogging about blogging, right? :) I love reading about blogging tips and tricks. The SEO, social media, and all the strategies behind it all fascinate me! Over the years I have found some helpful articles about everything you need to know about blogging, so I complied a huge list of all my favorites! Everything from beginner tips to blogging schedules to sponsorship suggestions, all in one place! It’s your ultimate blogging resource guide. If you’re ready to up your blogging game, check out the articles below. (And don’t forget to check out the giveaway below! If you’re a blogger, you don’t want to miss this one!)

Beginners Guide:

-Starting a blog? Here’s the Number One Tip.
-Top 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Blogging, a must read for beginner bloggers.
-These Top Tips for Blogging Success will help you take your blog to the next level.
-Read through these Tips for New Beginners for helpful hints (then find Part 2 here!)
-10 Fabulous Tips for Newbie Bloggers

Design Rules:

-Here’s 10 Blog Layout Tips to digest before redesigning your blog.
-Bethany shares why it’s important to Create a Style Guide for your Blog.
-Understand blog design and learn how to work with a designer in this post.
-Learn how to Create an Image Map, this one took me forever to learn!
-Add a Pin It hover button on your images for easy pinning.

Blogging Tips and Tricks. Tidy Desk Printable
Free Tidy Desk Printable Here

Photography Pointers:

-Regardless of what camera you have, these 5 Photography Tips for Bloggers will help you improve your photography.
-How to be Your Own Blog Photographer (aka how to use a tripod!)
-These 5 Photography Tips will improve your blog photography by leaps and bounds.
-Create Quality Blog Photos for your posts by utilizing these tricks.
-Super simple tips for staging your photos.

Social Media Tips:

-Here’s a huge list of ideas for Growing your Pinterest Following
-Learn the Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media from Lauren Conrad.
-How to Use Social Media for your Blog, great tips from Design Love Fest.
-Learn how to Double your Instagram Followers in One Month
-Avoid sounding like an advertisement and use Natural Social Media Marketing.

SEO Basics:

-What is SEO? Find out here, plus tricks on how to use it!
-Don’t know where to begin? How about here: SEO Basics for Bloggers.
-Try these Simple SEO Tricks for bloggers.
-How to Increase Traffic to Your Blog through SEO and social media.
-Discover the SEO of Pinterest to increase traffic through your pins.

Blogging Tips and Tricks. Everything you need to know about SEO, organization, posting, sponsorships, and more!

Sponsorship Suggestions:

-Learn how to manage your ads with Passionfruit, such an awesome sponsorship resource.
-How to Write a Media Kit that Rocks.
-Master the art of advertising and make your Blog Sponsorships Successful.
-Discover the best secrets on How to Sponsor Other Blogs
-3 Tips for Successful Sponsored Posts

Post Ideas

-The Secret to a Gazillion Post Ideas, seriously.
-In a rut? Here’s 30 Blog Post suggestions.
-How to make your Blog Post go Viral
-20 Types of Blog Posts for Writers Block
-Still stuck? 25 Post Ideas for the Uninspired  

Blogging Tips and Tricks. Everything you need to know about SEO, organization, posting, sponsorships, and more!

Organization Tricks:

-Go big and print off this huge Monthly Calendar.
-Learn how to Organize and Plan Blog Posts in five easy steps.
-Keep your inbox clean, 5 Tips for Managing and Organizing Emails.
-This Printable Monthly Calendar from Emily Ley are perfect for plotting out posts.
-Running behind? Here’s 12 Time Management Tips for Bloggers.


-The Blog Life E-course, from my favorite ladies at A Beautiful Mess, is worth every penny.
-Learn how to create Blogging Collages on Photoshop and take other classes through Skillshare.
-Atly offers a variety of classes geared towards bloggers, like the DIY Bloggers Handbook.
-Joy Cho, from Oh Joy, spills her secrets in her book Blog, Inc.
-Learn design, fonts, and color basics for blogging in Blog Design Love 2.0 e-course.

 Blogging Tips and Tricks. Everything you need to know! A huge list of resources.

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Blogging Tips and Tricks. Everything you need to know! A huge list of resources.

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