organize home office

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Did you catch Ellie in the picture above? Ha! She loves to help me with all my blog and work projects. Over the last year, my little business has gotten…well busy! We moved into our house at the perfect time, I needed a little more space to work! Technically, I have two “office” spaces in our house. First, I have this little corner in our playroom. That’s where my laptop sits, I paint, keep my to-do lists, blog, edit photos, and color with Ellie. And then I have the guest room that serves as my production room. You know, the printing, cutting, packaging, and mail room. There’s a reason the door is shut most of the time. ;)

Unfortunately, my little desk in the corner has been neglected over the past week or so and it turned into a HUGE mess. Actually, I’m kind of embarrassed to show you the before photo. It was a disaster! Take a look:

organize home office

See what I mean? It turned into a junk pile! And it took less than a week! I still had textbooks up on the shelf from three semesters ago (why!?), papers everywhere, baby dolls, hair stuff, you name it. I couldn’t get any work done! And this wasn’t the first time my desk has looked like this. In fact, this picture was becoming a regular occurrence. I needed everything to be a little more put together, hence operation organize began!

Sharpie back to schoolSharpie back to schoolSharpie back to school

I couldn’t start organizing until I took a quick shopping trip. You know, for the essentials. I have been losing my pens like crazy, so I picked up a few packages of Sharpies from Staples. (See those fine/ultra fine markers? They’re are on sale! Right now! Stock up while they last.)

Sharpie back to school

I took another quick trip to Ikea for a few galvanized pots, magazine holders, and boxes for storage and then I was ready to go! It took a load to the garbage and a little bit of time (you know, since I had a toddler helping me out ;) but my desk is finally organized! Now I can work in peace. Blessed day! I love having separate tins to organize my art supplies. It makes them way easier to find instead of grabbing a paintbrush when I need a pen. Those ultra-fine tip Sharpies work really well when writing a quick note or a deadline on my calendar.

Speaking of calendars, I love having a large one on my desk. It makes it easier to write down notes or appointments when I think of them and it’s a good reminder every day. The bright, colorful Sharpies make it easier for me to distinguish between a personal or business event. Hooray for color coordinating!

organize home office sharpie back to school

I picked up the patterned magazine holders from the dollar section at Target and everything else at Ikea. The top shelf is where I store supplies, painting, paper, notebooks, you name it. It’s nice to have them organized and labeled! Before, I could hardly find…well anything!

organize home office cute to do list

I made this notepad to sit by my big desk calendar. I’m a huge fan of to-do lists and it’s so nice to have everything written out for the day. I usually have two lists every day, a business to-do list and a home/personal to-do list. I tackle the business list during naptime and Ellie helps me with the other stuff during the day.

organize home office

Ellie was thrilled that my desk was so clean. It’s way easier for her to climb on when it’s not a mess! ;)

home office before and afterhome office before and after

Whew! There you have it. Operation organize desk complete. Hopefully it stays this neat. ;) How do you stay organized? Have any tips you can pass on to me?