^^ We hit up the zoo this weekend and Ellie was enthralled by the elephants. And monkeys! And snakes, oh my! ^^


^^ Sometimes life calls for ice cream cones in the middle of the afternoon, am I right? ;) ^^


^^ Running through the sprinklers with daddy ^^


^^ This girl is suddenly ten times more talkative, ten times more silly, and ten times more cute. ^^


^^ We ran a 5k! An actual 5k! I’ve been running only three times in the last three years, so this was a big deal…for me ;) Brian and I finished in 30:51, not too shabby. I collapsed on the grass afterwards, he looked like he could run it again. Also, all the little children look thrilled, ha! ^^


^^ We’ve been taking a quick family photo on Sunday mornings before church. Ellie’s getting the crazy faces down ;) ^^


^^ This girl. What would we do without her? ^^