Four years ago, I bought my first DSLR. It was triple the price it is now and I had no idea how to use it. No clue! Often times, I loved the photos I took but other times, I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t look the way I wanted them to. It was incredibly frustrating. I took a photography course in college, and while I learned a little bit, I found myself utterly confused every time I walked out of the class. My professor used too many technical terms and numbers that I didn’t understand. It wasn’t until much, much later that I finally made the switch to shooting in the manual setting. Switching from auto to manual was the best thing I’ve ever done! It took a lot of trial and error and practicing on my own, but I’ve never gone back. Now I’m in control of how my photos and settings. It’s made all the difference!

I know that there are a lot of people out there who felt the same way I did with my big, fancy camera. It’s frustrating to spend so much money and not know how to use it the way you want it to. Well, say goodbye to all that frustration! I want to teach you everything I know!

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In this class we will go over the basics of shooting in manual, in the least confusing way possible. You’ll learn about aperture, ISO, and shutter speed, and how to use them together to take the perfect picture. I’ll teach you exactly what I do when setting up my camera. I also have a mini book / reference guide for each attendee to take home. This includes hints for shooting in bright light and low light settings, where to set your shutter speed, and other tips and tricks you don’t want to forget from the class. Plus, we’ll use the last little bit of class to practice all your new skills. Unfortunately, we won’t have enough time to go over things like Photoshop and editing (maybe another time?!) But knowing how to shoot in manual is the first step, a big step!

The workshop will be held on Saturday August 23…and to kick it off, I’m giving away a free spot! Simply share the photo above with my blog link on Facebook, Twitter, etc, and leave a comment below with the URL and your email address. A winner will be chosen on Monday. You can register for the event below. Can’t wait! XO    <<< CONGRATS ARIANNA!!