draw your own postcard

I’ve mention before that Ellie loves to color. She begs to use mommy’s nice markers (permanent ones too!) so we were so happy/relieved when Grandma surprised Ellie with ultra-clean washable markers. Hallelujah!

kids coloring project

Not only does she love to color, she’s quite obsessed with drawing “circles and babies,” she says. Oh, and telling/guessing the marker color of course. She’s getting better at identifying them.

washable markers

We knew we needed to send a thank you to Gram, so what better than an hand drawn postcard to do the trick! I printed out a few blank postcards (download below), cut them down to size, and let Ellie go to town. She sat and colored for at least a half hour!

draw your own postcard

We added a quick note and an address and they were ready to go! The printable postcards are perfect for toddlers and older kids alike! You can download the postcard template here or click on the photo below. Happy coloring!

draw your own postcard printable