Hi! We’re back in Utah! It’s been a busy week, you know, catching up on loads of laundry (did I mention our washer was broken for three weeks while we waited on a part to ship? That was fun. Brian was a trooper and took a few loads to the laundry mat. . . with at toddler! Super man, I tell ya.) Ellie and I are getting back to our normal daily routine. This week she tried to get me to fit into one of the compartments on our entertainment center. “Mama, in! Please!” I tried telling her I was too big, but she insisted. Reluctantly, I tried to fit my head and shoulders in, meanwhile she pushed from behind as hard as she could. “Uh oh, mama, stuck!” she said, in between grunts. After several minutes of trying, I finally reemerged, and she told me, “Mama, you big!” Ha!

While we were in upstate New York last week, we spent most of our time in my in-laws backyard. It was magical! Ellie picked fresh raspberries and ate as many as she could put in her mouth. Reminded me of the summers at my Grandma’s farm, raspberries have always been one of my favorites. We watched for airplanes and Ellie was giddy with excitement whenever we saw one flying low. Perks to living near a small airport! Logan pushed Ellie on the swing, Grandma took them for walks, and Grandpa taught Ellie how to water the plants…or rocks. :)

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