After spilling her snack, my child ate her fruit loops off the ground in Central Park. And not just one or two, handful after handful! I about died!! (And stopped her of course) I think Ellie loved New York City as much as her parents. While we loved the architecture and food (pizza! bagels! hot dogs!) she was all about the splash pads, choo-choo (subway), and the bus. Plus she had her buddy/cousin Logan there for even more entertainment. A week later and she’s still talking about all of it.

Brian’s parents are about four hours away from the city, so we did a quick Monday morning through Tuesday evening trip to the city. I fell in love with NYC four years ago and was thrilled to be back exploring! Ellie was an angel strapped in her stroller and Logan was a trooper walking so many miles! Here’s a few of the photos from our NYC adventure. I couldn’t get enough…of all of it! When can we go back? :)


^^ Maybe it’s because I’m an architect’s daughter, but I’ve been wanting to see the Flat Iron Building for FOREVER. It is gorgeous. ^^


^^ Ready to get on the “train that goes underground!” as Logan called it. It was so cute watching him take it all in. ^^


^^ Subway buddies. They could pass as brother and sister, easy! ^^


^^ 9/11 Memorial and some selfie taking photobombers in the background ^^


^^ The new Freedom Tower ^^


^^ It cost a pretty penny, but man that ice cream tasted so good on a hot, humid day! ^^


^^ Playing in the splash pad, with a view of the Statue of Liberty! ^^


^^ Oh hey, Empire State Building! ^^


^^ Pretty, pretty Manhattan Temple. And a good, clean place for a bathroom break too ;) ^^


^^ This little guy was my “buddy” for the trip. We made sure we were partnered up and holding hands so we didn’t get lost. I think it was really so he could eat some of my give-you-magical-walking-power kettle corn ;) ^^


^^ These two traveling cousins. And the fruit loops before they were scattered all over Central Park ^^


^^ While walking around, I would hold up my camera without looking through the viewfinder, and snap away. Loved this pretty shot of the Chrysler Building. ^^


^^ These two itty-bitty buildings sandwiched between the huge ones were just too cute! ^^


^^ New York City bagels. MMM! ^^


^^ When Brian’s mom suggested going to the American Girl store, I about died. I’ve been dreaming of going to that store since I was 8! On a side note, my first published piece of art was in the American Girl magazine when I was 11. Ha! ^^


^^ The taxis, the noise, the smells. I couldn’t get enough. I’m convinced I could up and move to NYC on any given day. ^^


^^ We surprised Logan with a ride on the Toys ‘R Us ferris wheel. I didn’t think Ellie would like it, but I was wrong. She loved it!”


^^ I could spend days and days wandering Central Park ^^


^^ A New York hotdog was at the top of our list. Mmm ^^


^^ Central Park family photo ^^


^^ Sweaty baby on the subway. And treats from grandma! ^^


^^ Ah, New York. I’m more in love than ever. Until next time! ^^


^^ And a quick video of the streets of New York. XO ^^