Loved that we caught the last of the tulips at Thanksgiving Point.


From one of our morning painting adventures. She always ends up in the bath afterwards (I think she does it on purpose, just so she can take another bath!)


My French neighbor made crepes the other day and now I’m determined to get practice my crepe making skills. They were amazing!


I insisted on getting a few photos of these two before church on Sunday. Ellie is slowly turning into a daddy’s girl :)


Morning play time in our jammies. This slide has brought us so much entertainment!


I love the summery meals we have been making. Grilled chicken, sweet white corn, and baked zucchini fries. YUM!


This girl is perfecting her tantrums. Also, every container at mealtime is turned into a “hat.” She tends to get a lot of baths during the week.


And to finish it off, me and my girl! Happy Monday!! xoxo