Last weekend, we ventured up to Eden, Utah for Ellie’s first camping experience! Knowing how much Ellie loves digging in the dirt and being outside, I was pretty certain she would enjoy camping. Enjoy it? Yes. Love it? Absolutely! That girl was right in her element the entire time.

Ellie and I hitched a ride with my fam a day early and Brian joined us later after work. We hiked to the waterfall (twice!), made countless S’mores and roasted Starbursts, painted, explored, and hit up the lake. On our warmest day, the lake was a must! Our first camping adventure of the summer was an absolute success! And I have a full memory card and lots of photos to prove it!

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This trip definitely falls under one of my favorite things to do in Utah. The campsite is called North Fork in Eden, Utah and was only $18/night for the most perfect, secluded, beautiful campsites I’ve ever been to! The waterfall was at the end of the campsite, a great family hike. We’re already trying to clear our schedule to make room for another camping adventure!

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