DIY Freezer Paper Screenprited Tshirt

Right before we went on our weekend camping trip, I decided I needed a camping t-shirt! Months ago, I picked up this plain gray tshirt from the boys department at Walmart. It was in need of a spruce up. Using the same techniques from this tutorial, I ended up with the perfect camping shirt! And…I’ve included a stencil so you can make your own teepee tshirt too!

Fabric Medium DIY Freezer Paper Screenprited Tshirt

Didn’t read this tutorial? Here’s a quick rundown to make the easiest “screenprinted” tshirt.

Supplies needed:
Freezer Paper
Exacto Knife
Fabric Paint (or Fabric Medium + Acrylic Paint)
Foam Brush

Stay Wild Free Stencil

First, trace the stencil or print directly onto freezer paper. I simply taped the freezer paper to a thicker piece of cardstock and ran it through my printer. Make sure the shiny part of the freezer paper is on the bottom, that way it will stick to your tshirt.  Using an exacto knife, carefully cut out stencil.

DIY Freezer Paper Screenprited TshirtDIY Freezer Paper Screenprited Tshirt

Next, iron stencil onto tshirt. Go over the stencil a few times to ensure that it holds to the tshirt well. Insert thick paper or cardboard inside your shirt, to keep the paint from leaking to the back. Use your foam brush to dab paint onto tshirt. I’ve learned that dabbing the paint on works much better than brushing it from side to side. Use at least two coats. Last time I used actual fabric paint, but this time I used acrylic paint mixed with fabric medium. I’ve learned to just keep fabric medium paint on hand for these last minute projects! I also like the fabric medium so I can mix it with any color.

DIY Freezer Paper Screenprited Tshirt

I’ve learned that you can pull off the stencil while the paint is still damp or after it has dried. Either works fine! After the paint is completely dry, run a warm iron over the paint. This will help the paint set and keep it from coming off in the wash.

DIY Freezer Paper Screenprited TshirtStay Wild Teepee Shirt DIY

Bam! Tshirt finished! If you pull off the stencil carefully, you should be able to use it again. I’ve included the stencil below, simply click on the picture to download. (And you can resize the image before printing to fit on smaller sized t-shirts. Baby onesie anyone?!) Have you made any freezer paper tshirts? I’d love to see them. Leave your link below!

Free Printable Stay Wild Tshirt

Stay Wild Teepee Tshirt Stencil featured on Brooklyn and Bailey's darling youtube video, check it out here!