ellie in norway

I’m to the point where I’m always forgetting how many months Ellie is. I tell people she’s either just over one and a half, or two in September. I had to count the months out loud for the title of this post, ha! Our independent Ellie is learning more and more everyday. She insists on doing things herself, like putting on her shoes or swimsuit. Often she’ll get really frustrated and throw a fit, but won’t let anyone help her. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cringe, she’s too much like her mother!

Ellie loves to talk! Her favorite words are: Ake (cake), Elmo, Mimmie (Minnie or Mickey), eat, wo wo (water), milk, shoes, wuff wuff (dog), beep beep (car/truck/motorcycle) choo choo (train and sometimes cars), teeth, eye, ear, nose, donknow (I don’t know, usually in regards to her shoes), apple, ‘nana, ball and bowl (they sometimes get switched around or sound alike), peeps (in regards to going to the bathroom), papa (grandpa), papa mama (grandma), na night, cheese, teevee (TV), ‘ello….and more.


She can now spell her name out loud. It takes a little coaxing, but she can spell “E-L-L-I-EEEEE.” We’ve been practicing for a few months and write her name on paper every time we color. She can now pick out the letters ‘E’ and ‘I’ on my tshirt, magazines, her bedroom wall, and signs at the store.

Ellie names every baby doll and every stuffed animal “Anna,” from the movie Frozen of course. When her doll falls on the floor (sometimes accident, sometimes on purpose) she gasps and says “Oh Annnnnna!”

ellie in norway 

We’ve just stopped nursing and that’s proven to be. . . fun. ;) After a few night from you-know-where, accompanied by a few hours of screaming (from her) and tears ( from both of us), we finally have her sleeping through the night and no more milk. BLESSED DAY. Knock on wood that continues.  (On another note: engorgement. Holy moly. Weaning is so great ;)


She is constantly asking to go outside to play on the “wee” (slide). She also asks to play with “Eza” (Ezra) and “Kingsey” (Kingsley), two of our neighbors her age. And of course, she loves to yell out “Balk!” (walk) whenever she sees her stroller or shoes. She still collects rocks wherever she goes. She loves animals and airplanes. She hates the blow dryer and vacuum. She asks to get her nails painted every week.

miss ellie

Ellie loves to color with crayons and occasionally markers, help me use the scissors or cut up veggies, asks to make “ake” every day, always helps make the meals, enjoys painting and stacking blocks, never leaves the room without a ball, and loves taking care of her baby dolls.

ellie marie


Oh Ellie, you light up our life! Can’t believe you’re turning TWO in just a few short months. Time, slow down!

 Photos taken during our trip to Norway